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What happens on the Internet in 60 seconds?

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Blogging on the go-go

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So this is just a small test using a newly downloaded WordPress app on the BlackBerry. Hi! 🙂

Huge apologies to my very pretty blog for abandoning it for a wee while. My summer is proving to be very busy indeed, with work placement, flat hunting & various other projects & arrangements.

As of yesterday we no longer need to hunt for a home, we have a brand spanking new flat to move into from the 29th. Which so perfectly fits into our kick-out day at the house being the 31st. It’s all pretty perfect, although it is a little empty… So now begins the hunt for a bed, sofa, fridge-freezer, wardrobe, washing machine etcetc. Pretty much everything! And it all needs to be free or as cheap as poss, for the time being!

S’all very exciting though : )

(Keep posted about my work placement at Cre8ive Wisdom on my daily Whizzkid’s words blog!)