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HTML disasters – web designers take note!

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Okay, so as I’ve recently started a Web Communications unit on my course at BU, I was looking into some small hints & tips for web design.

I was pointed toward this website, dedicated to showing all that’s so very wrong with many web pages out there in the mass that is cyberspace.

I’ve seen my fair share of bad websites in my internet-browsing lifetime. A web page needs to have a little excitement on it, as soon as a bland page loads I lose interest straight away. However, a busy website is much worse, in my opinion.

This, for example, is horrific.

I am completely bewildered by it, to be honest. I seriously think whoever put this together can’t have actually looked at it. Surely after seeing the mess they just produced they would realise it’s not fit for anyone to see. Ever. I mean, come on, the background was made in Paint, and what the hell is that thing moving around the page!? Oh yeah, and there’s the wonderful navigation and text all bundled on top of each other, WHAT!?

Web pages that suck‘ highlights problems that are commonly seen in and amongst the World Wide Web (the example above is an extreme) such as bad background-text contrasts and awkward or complex navigation. Websites should be simple, easy to grab ‘n’ go with just snippets of information you want. Many of the websites mentioned in ‘Biggest Mistakes in Web Design 1995-2015‘ (No idea how they know the future?) have just small problems, just in need of a few tweaks in order to produce an, at least, usable page. Although, as we’ve seen from Yvette’s bridal thingy, some just need to be binned.

Oh gosh, I’ve had the volume on my laptop turned down until now, still with Yvette’s awful excuse for a website open on another tab…


So, I think I can safely conclude from this that there is still very much a place for web redesigners…

And web police? Please!

I’ll leave you with this, another gem I managed to find on ‘Web pages that suck’ (where else?). I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as me (:

Mind your eyes!