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You’ve got to show me love! (But not just once a year)

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I love romance.

I’m forever wishing my other half would be that little bit more romantic (who doesn’t?!), although I know that if he was I most likely would get bored with it. Life is not a movie – real love is not the same as the soppy love stories you always see on the big screen. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t dream of movie romance a little bit!

Anyway, I love romance. I dislike, however, forced romance.

Don’t get me wrong, I would be most upset if my man didn’t make a small Valentine’s gesture with a card at least, maybe a small pressie, but personally it means barely anything. Because he feels like he has to be romantic on this one day of the year.

Card shops and restaurants are the main culprits in creating the massive hype that is Valentine’s Day. It’s just another excuse to drastically increase prices and make bundles of money (as if we ever needed anymore).

This year I decided I didn’t want chocolates or flowers on Valentine’s day. I told my boyfriend I’d rather I received such as suprises for no particular occassion throughout the year (that doesn’t mean that will happen – but I can dream!) I just asked for a perfume I wanted (DKNY – Be Delicious) because I had run out and I love it, and he asked for a football shirt (which he had already found on sale at Sports Direct – bonus!). We made sure we spent around the same amount and we both got what we wanted. We could have just bought them for ourselves but it was Valentine’s day! But people (i.e. girls) do have a tendency to ask what other couples did/gave each other on this day, comparing ‘romanticness’ between couples, so we had to do something!

We enjoyed a lovely evening in. Takeaway, ice cream a DVD from Blockies and a couple of candles = bliss! Much more comfortable then a wooden chair in a posh restaurant!

Valentine’s day is about showing the people you love that you love them! It shouldn’t be limited to this one day a year, though, or limited to couples/secret admirers. My dad has sent me a Valentine’s card for years. I always thought it was just because he didn’t want me not to get any, but he popped round on Sunday with a red envelope. Even though it was my fourth Valentine’s day with my current man, and I am now a ‘proper’ adult since leaving my teens, I still got a card from my dad.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy people showing their great love and affection for me, it just doesn’t feel as real when card shops and the like tell everyone to. And many of my single friends seem to feel that February 14th just highlights the fact that they have ‘noone’ – a depressing day for singletons who feel this way!

You all have people who love you 🙂