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Grazing through revision

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I’ve found a new love/addiction: Graze

They send you a box small enough to fit through your letterbox full of yummy fruity, nutty and seedy bits to nibble on every week – or more if you want!

There’s a huge selection on the site which you can rate as to bin, try, like or love meaning you have some control over what is sent to you. But there’s still an element of surprise when that brown box pops through which I love!

At only £2.99 per box it’s a bit of a bargain for some healthy and yummy food to munch on!

… and with this code: 56YVPJX – you can get your first box FREE & second half price!

(there’s no ‘contract’ with Graze, you can cancel whenever you like… everyone likes a no-strings freebie!!)


Welcome to Stressville!

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It’s that time of year again.

Students buried in books and notes. Reading, writing, re-reading, re-writing… It feels like nothing is ever going to stick in your head – and if any bits and pieces do get wedged in there it’s bound to explode soon, anyway.

Time management is key, and unfortunately for me that all seems to go out the window when the big, bad stress monster appears (pictured below).

Anyway, I think this post is some kind of cry for de-stress or revision tips, motivation or just a plain kick up the backside. More likely, though, it’s just a bit of procrastination – something a little nicer to look at than the unorganised pile of notes and books surrounding me…

As everyone keeps telling me, though, I’ll get there… I always do!