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First class news ;)

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Because I’m all overexcited and HAPPY, I wanted to announce on my blog (because I’ve already tweeted, Facebooked, called and text everyone I know!) thaaat:

Today I found out I passed my degree in Communication and Media with a 2:1 – yay!

I’m so pleased with this achievement but I’m even more pleased with the FIRST I got for my dissertation.

All the time, stress, tears and sleepless nights were worth it, then! =D

Anyway… it’s time to celebrate!!

Dissertations, presentations, interactive narratives, birthdays & Christmases!

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… Okay just one Christmas, but still… Phew!

Final year is BUSY! It’s all been a bit crazy recently with ever-growing to do lists, but take away the stress and it’s all pretty interesting and exciting!

I’m currently blogging in between working on a creative piece for our New Media Narrative unit and meeting with group members to sort the finishing touches to our assessed presentation and report for the PR unit!

Then it’s just tackling some dissertation before the end of term and MY 21st BIRTHDAY! Yay 🙂

Anyway, short and sweet because I do have lots to do!

Depending on how proud I am with the finished product, expect a link to my interactive narrative piece soon! Over Christmas I also hope to be adding some bits  & bobs to the ‘Portfolio’ page on here, too!

Hello summer ‘break’

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What a week!

Sun, camping, drinking, live music, dancing… As well as long queues, disgustingly disgusting toilets and general dirtiness – All part of my amazing first festival experience, Beach Break Live!

As well as enjoying music I already knew well, I found some new loves both on the main stage (such as dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip) and smaller, lesser known bands (I loved Free Peace). I love the buzz I get from watching and listening to pretty much any live music, whether I’m in the center of the crowd singing and dancing or sitting on the grass in the sun watching with a cider!

Next year I would love to go bigger but Beach Break was a great experience – and not so overpriced being a predominantly student festival!

Anyway, it’s Father’s Day tomorrow, and seeing as I’ve managed to drain my bank accounts dry (and that’s the student overdraft, not even real money!), my dad’s taking me for dinner… I feel awful but I’ve always said I’ll treat my family loads when the years of being a skint student pays off & I finally have some decent income!

Monday I start a six-week work placement at Cre8ive Wisdom. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into, being able to put in what I’ve learnt from my first two years of BA (Hons) Communication and Media into practise in the real world!

During this time I need to make a start in researching for next year’s dissertation (big eek!), for which I’m hoping I can gather some useful information/case studies from the placement.

As well as all this, my boyfriend and I are in the process of flat hunting ready to move out of the student shared house before the end of July. Finding time (and money!) for this is proving difficult and stressful, but it is exciting looking for our first own ‘home’ together!

Soo, it’s all busy busy busy but fun and exciting at the same time!   : )

Shall keep y’all posted throughout my placement, etc.

Group dynamics on the Red Dwarf

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One unit of my Communication and Media course at Bournemouth University is named Groups, Teams and Organisations. An assignment for this unit involved observing a fictional group, as a group.

Working with Geo Willis, Jess Gatford and Kay Tang, we put together an essay examining many different elements of group interaction in the three-part Red Dwarf special Back to Earth.

This observation looked at the three parts of the Red Dwarf special, Back to Earth, in order to provide the required amount of group interaction. Content analysis of this material will be discussed with reference to the following aspects: group dynamics, effective communication and discussion, roles, leadership, decision-making, passivity and assertiveness, listening, stress and motivation. The size of the group is important regarding communication. Brilhart & Galanes (1998) suggest that smaller groups are able to achieve effective communication, as larger groups can complicate discussion and hinder task performance. The group that will be analysed consists of four members of a space crew, Lister, Kryten, Rimmer and Cat. All members are from very different backgrounds and bring different characteristics and qualities to the group. It should be noted that their dysfunctionality, used for comedic effect, and their status as an emergent (rather than an appointed) group often means that their behaviour as a group is atypical. This will be taken into account where theory is applied, as it may not be directly relatable to a fictional, comedic group, but is still relevant to the analysis of the group interaction.

Read the full essay here

Script: Guilt Trip

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As a part of the Professional Writing unit of BA (Hons) Communication and Media, I was assigned to write a television script. The script is an introduction to the first episode of a series, which I proposed would be suitable for a BBC One weekly show BBC One at around 22:30. We were asked to focus on the writing and using the correct format (which doesn’t show here) rather than the production technicality.


Autumn. From above – busy train station.

Slowly zoom in to platform. A young woman, OLIVIA KING, and a small boy, REECE EDWARDS sitting on a bench. REECE is clutching a toy aeroplane and a backpack. On the floor next to the bench are three large suitcases stacked on top of each other.

The silence of both characters, and OLIVIA’s distanced look, contrasts to the busyness, bustle and chatter surrounding them.

The toy aeroplane slips out of REECE’s hand. Startled, he looks at his mother.


Be careful with that, you don’t want to lose it do you? Just make sure you keep hold of all your things Reece, okay? –

REECE looks up at his mother and nods.


The train now approaching platform four is the 10:51 service to Manchester Piccadilly –

The tannoy voice is drowned out by the fairly sudden, and extremely loud, sound of the train approaching the platform.

OLIVIA stands and awkwardly picks up the suitcases amongst the mad rush of people heading towards the edge of the platform.


This is our train, come on Reece, quickly

They enter the crowd, the camera loses them as they get on the train.

Camera looks on from the platform as the train leaves. We notice OLIVIA looking out of the window as it goes past and the camera follows.

Fade into next scene.

For the full script click here.