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Whizzkid’s Words

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Hello                                                                                  : )

As well as blogging on this gorgeous newly-themed site, I will be regularly updating the interwebs with my experiences at my summer work placement.

So ‘av a butchers here – WHIZZKID’S WORDS.

Steph & I having fun during the Cre8ive Wisdom photoshoot!

Q&A: Geo Willis on blogging, Twitter and squishing raspberries!

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Geo, a fellow student of mine, has also recently started a blog and has succumbed to the hype that is Twitter.

In the style of Times Online’s ‘Witter’, I asked her a few questions allowing only 140 characters for each answer. She may be able to tweet in under 140 characters, but how easy is it to talk about that world with a limit?

Geo Willis, BA (Hons) Communication and Media second year at Bournemouth University

Q: How are you finding the concept of blogging? Do you enjoy it or find it a bore?

A: Surprisingly addictive. I actually find that I’m blogging every other day. Well, at the moment I am anyway!

Q: Do you prefer to blog or tweet? Why?

A: I’m getting stuck into both but I prefer blogging. While vox pops have their place, I think with a blog you have the ability to really expand on an argument.

Q: What do you find useful about Twitter?

A: Being on the pulse, constantly up-to-date with friends and also organisations.

Q: How would you feel if you found you were cut off from access to any social media for any length of time?

A: Somewhat adrift. I’m used to moving between tabs of various social media sites for a large part of the day. I live on my computer!

Q: What do you think will be the next step in computer technology?

A: From what I can tell, we will have 3D representations, like in Snow Crash, The Matrix, Hackers, Minority Report and Neuromancer.

(Geo showed me this article which outlines her thoughts above)

Q: Why do you think social media is important?

A: Global interconnectivity, it enables you to keep up with friends and change.

Q: If you were a fruit, what fruit do you think you’d be?

A: Dragonfruit, because they’re fiery coloured! Ooh, or a raspberry because they’re sharp… and when you squish them red stuff comes out!