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Whizzkid’s Words

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Hello                                                                                  : )

As well as blogging on this gorgeous newly-themed site, I will be regularly updating the interwebs with my experiences at my summer work placement.

So ‘av a butchers here – WHIZZKID’S WORDS.

Steph & I having fun during the Cre8ive Wisdom photoshoot!

Diary of a first-time voter

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I was asked to blog ‘anonymously’ for Bournemouth Echo, sharing my thoughts as an undecided first-time voter during the run up to the elections.

I’ve written three  posts so far in the run up to the elections, and will be adding to it early next week and again after the election.

Anyway, I’ve decided to un-anonymous it so check it out!


Thanks ladies & gents 🙂

Charlie Brooker tweets: "Front page of BBC site makes them resemble a choir singing about the finest boobs they ever saw"

Charlie Brooker tweets: "Front page of BBC site makes them resemble a choir singing about the finest boobs they ever saw"

Twitter: Why do we use it?

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If you choose ‘Other’, please elaborate in a comment on the blog post : ) thank you!

I’ve been a member of Twitter for quite a while now – long enough to manage 1,788 tweets.

My tweets mainly consist of random blurts of useless information, how I’m feeling, what I’m up to etcetc. However I like to use Twitter to share interesting links, news and blogs.

The famous Twitter 'fail whale'

My following list is at 140… I try to keep it fairly low so I can actually keep up (I always have at least 5 new tweets every couple of minutes ÜberTwitter refreshes on the BlackBerry! – It can be fairly time consuming to go get up-to-date when I haven’t checked it for a few hours!)

The list of those I follow consists of friends, randomers – around Bournemouth and elsewhere, celebrities, big bloggers and a fair few within the marketing, PR and social media industries.

I think I’d say my own main use of Twitter is to keep up with current affairs, general news but mainly within the media world – the world in which I’m aiming for a career.

Q&A: Geo Willis on blogging, Twitter and squishing raspberries!

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Geo, a fellow student of mine, has also recently started a blog and has succumbed to the hype that is Twitter.

In the style of Times Online’s ‘Witter’, I asked her a few questions allowing only 140 characters for each answer. She may be able to tweet in under 140 characters, but how easy is it to talk about that world with a limit?

Geo Willis, BA (Hons) Communication and Media second year at Bournemouth University

Q: How are you finding the concept of blogging? Do you enjoy it or find it a bore?

A: Surprisingly addictive. I actually find that I’m blogging every other day. Well, at the moment I am anyway!

Q: Do you prefer to blog or tweet? Why?

A: I’m getting stuck into both but I prefer blogging. While vox pops have their place, I think with a blog you have the ability to really expand on an argument.

Q: What do you find useful about Twitter?

A: Being on the pulse, constantly up-to-date with friends and also organisations.

Q: How would you feel if you found you were cut off from access to any social media for any length of time?

A: Somewhat adrift. I’m used to moving between tabs of various social media sites for a large part of the day. I live on my computer!

Q: What do you think will be the next step in computer technology?

A: From what I can tell, we will have 3D representations, like in Snow Crash, The Matrix, Hackers, Minority Report and Neuromancer.

(Geo showed me this article which outlines her thoughts above)

Q: Why do you think social media is important?

A: Global interconnectivity, it enables you to keep up with friends and change.

Q: If you were a fruit, what fruit do you think you’d be?

A: Dragonfruit, because they’re fiery coloured! Ooh, or a raspberry because they’re sharp… and when you squish them red stuff comes out!