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Grazing through revision

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I’ve found a new love/addiction: Graze

They send you a box small enough to fit through your letterbox full of yummy fruity, nutty and seedy bits to nibble on every week – or more if you want!

There’s a huge selection on the site which you can rate as to bin, try, like or love meaning you have some control over what is sent to you. But there’s still an element of surprise when that brown box pops through which I love!

At only £2.99 per box it’s a bit of a bargain for some healthy and yummy food to munch on!

… and with this code: 56YVPJX – you can get your first box FREE & second half price!

(there’s no ‘contract’ with Graze, you can cancel whenever you like… everyone likes a no-strings freebie!!)



The ‘cum pigs’ went in two by two.. Hurrah, hurrah?

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After seeing Ricky Gervais’ Science show live at the BIC in November, I decided to write my first review for Bournemouth Uni‘s magazine, Nerve.

Not for the easily offended – anyone who’s seen Gervais’ stand-up comedy before will be familiar with the constant bad language and un-PC mickey-taking. I mean, he begins the show by matter-of-factly naming the audience ‘the C word’. That’s just Ricky’s style.

I’ve never been a big fan of his TV shows– such as ‘The Office’ and ‘Extras’ but ‘Animals’, ‘Politics’ and ‘Fame’ hold pride of place in my DVD collection. It was very exciting to finally see Ricky Gervais’ stand up, live!

Support acts can sometimes be a bit of a pain – it’s like a bland soup when all you really want is the steak! However, it was a pleasure to have Canadian Stewart Francis warming the stage for Mr Gervais. With his witty and casual one-liners, there couldn’t have been a better support. His Jimmy Carr-esque deadpan style contrasts to Gervais’, although the comedians manage to compliment each other well.

Introducing the star’s act was a seemingly un-science-related, and cringingly funny, short video, named ‘Cum Pig’. It does makes you wonder how exactly Gervais is going to make science funny. Which is exactly it – he doesn’t. Constantly admitting his show has nothing to do with its title (except the extravagant stage setting) he settles to amuse us with anything but science. Instead, Ricky covers obesity, masturbation and religion – recurring topics in his comedy. But this works for him. He unpicks the classic story of Noah’s Ark and in his arrogant way has a go at minorities. There were a few uncomfortable moments – when you feel like you shouldn’t laugh, but frankly, it’s funny!

Many times throughout the show I found myself thinking ‘where is this going exactly?’ but just as much as this, the audience waved in fits of laughter – I always find I laugh louder & more obviously at live comedy, I’d never laugh like that watching the DVD at home! And then he said thank you to the audience and waltzed offstage. Great – time to top up drinks and rest the aching cheeks ready for more! Well, not exactly. A two minute encore then he’s off again and the lights come on. After one hour it was over, which isn’t impressive at all for over £30 on a student budget – and a lot shorter than any of his previous shows.

Overall, the show was typical of Ricky Gervais – side-splittingly funny and thoroughly enjoyable. But I’m sure many people who also saw it will agree with me when I say that the early finish was disappointing and did mean I left the show feeling more negative than the content deserved. I recommend buying the DVD for a few laughs, but if I were you, I’d wait until it’s cheap on Amazon!