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Love The Way You Lie. PT 2. (via Tasha Lauren Cleary)

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I’ve always been a fan of Eminem, despite his music fitting into some genres I wouldn’t usually go near, and I am loving his collaboration with Rihanna ‘Love the way you lie’.

This ‘Part 2’ of the song is quite different but I think I could get to like it! Although you have to wait a little too long for Eminem for my liking!

Visit Tasha’s blog to hear it…

Love The Way You Lie. PT 2. As if Eminem & Rihanna, ‘Love the way you lie’ wasn’t enough, the duo are now treating us to a part two! Having been leaked online, it’s already creating a hype. I was directed to it from a friend of mine, who heard it on Keeping the chorus the same, the whole feel and tempo of the song has changed. It’s slower, and Eminem sounds more like his old school self, and reminds me of the days of ‘Stan’. Whilst Love the way you l … Read More

via Tasha Lauren Cleary