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Feature article: Discover to rediscover

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For the Professional Writing unit of BA (Hons) Communication and Media, I was asked to write a magazine feature about Bournemouth. I then created a double page spread for it using Photoshop and Adobe InDesign.

Magazine Layout - Discover to rediscover

Magazine Layout, completed using Adobe InDesign

Being fairly new to Bournemouth, I haven’t really taken much time out to explore the area. Obviously I’ve been to the wonderful sandy beach (a massive upgrade to the stony seafront of my hometown, Bognor Regis) and experienced the array of pubs, clubs and restaurants, but it’s probably about time I acquainted myself with more than just the face of the town. Rather than only visiting the usual, in-your-face tourist attractions, I want to become a Bournemouth resident and see the places that far too many forget about, and newcomers or holiday-goers may not even know about.

I’m a fairly typical student, one such trait being that I am overly lazy. If I don’t have to leave the house during the day, then I’ll pretty much always be found dossing around the house in my finest monkey-covered fleece pyjamas. Being lazy is fine, now and again. But I recently found myself actually longing for some fresh air and exercise.

I dragged myself and the boyfriend out of bed on one of our rare days off together, to see what else Bournemouth could offer. It wasn’t particularly the best day to be out and about; in fact it got pretty awful as the day went on. April showers decided to show up slightly early, and in the form of constant heavy downpours. Being someone who tends to shy away from wet weather, I don’t really own much in the form of waterproof attire, but I wasn’t going to let the weather get in the way of my exploring! I had a browse on Google Maps for some greenery amongst the gloomy grey of buildings, roads and car parks, and off we went.

To read the rest of the article click here

Or click here for the pdf


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Hayley Martin | Recently completed BA (Hons) Communication and Media at Bournemouth University, now Account Executive at strategic marketing agency Cre8ive Wisdom.

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  1. nicole eves

    hayley your indesign spread is amazing i love it! and you have such a good writing style too, well done, this is fabulous 🙂


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