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Group dynamics on the Red Dwarf

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One unit of my Communication and Media course at Bournemouth University is named Groups, Teams and Organisations. An assignment for this unit involved observing a fictional group, as a group.

Working with Geo Willis, Jess Gatford and Kay Tang, we put together an essay examining many different elements of group interaction in the three-part Red Dwarf special Back to Earth.

This observation looked at the three parts of the Red Dwarf special, Back to Earth, in order to provide the required amount of group interaction. Content analysis of this material will be discussed with reference to the following aspects: group dynamics, effective communication and discussion, roles, leadership, decision-making, passivity and assertiveness, listening, stress and motivation. The size of the group is important regarding communication. Brilhart & Galanes (1998) suggest that smaller groups are able to achieve effective communication, as larger groups can complicate discussion and hinder task performance. The group that will be analysed consists of four members of a space crew, Lister, Kryten, Rimmer and Cat. All members are from very different backgrounds and bring different characteristics and qualities to the group. It should be noted that their dysfunctionality, used for comedic effect, and their status as an emergent (rather than an appointed) group often means that their behaviour as a group is atypical. This will be taken into account where theory is applied, as it may not be directly relatable to a fictional, comedic group, but is still relevant to the analysis of the group interaction.

Read the full essay here


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